RHS Music Programs

Welcome to the Reservoir High School Music Department! As members of the RHS Music Department you have not only joined a group of individuals passionate about music, but you have joined a family as well. Over the years, we have developed a strong tradition not only of musical excellence, but also of a united department where students and staff support each other to the highest degree.

Our goal for the Music Department is to help each student reach his/her maximum potential through practice and performance. We hope that over the course of the year, each and every student will find the opportunities they need to develop amazing talent, character, and a superior passion for music. We are truly fortunate to have a group of extremely talented students and a community that continues to support the arts. It is our hope that each student will call the RHS Music Department home and will feel connected to the esprit de corps that we have worked hard to maintain since the school’s opening. We look forward to another successful year filled with excellent music!


Dr. Greg Knauf, Director of Choral Activities

Mr. Colin O’Bryan, Orchestra Director

Mr. David Bacon, Director of Bands